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Mandava Venkata Ratnam garu is a real inspiration who wants to be an entrepreneur.

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Preparing of tasty and traditional Ulavacharu

Indiraa Foods is committed to provide you one of the best recepie of South India. Over past 25 years we are providing tasty and traditional Ulavacharu (ఉలవచారు) all over Andhra Pradesh including some parts of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and abroad too. We are the leading provider of Ulavacharu (ఉలవచారు) in Andhra Pradesh for Individuals, Retailers, Marriages and Functions. We are originated from the traditional rural areas of the coastal belt which is the hub for the tasty recepies of Andhra Pradesh. It has been spreading native taste all over the world since 1990. By maintaining a good quality we have earned an enviable distinction of being one of the most famous hub of tasty and hygenic Ulavacharu.

Medicinal Benefits

Horse gram extracts also has ability to reduce cholesterol in body and helps reducing obesity. It also contains high amount of dietary fibers which helps in elimination of cholesterol in intestine." Reduction of Cholesterol
This protein rich, low fat food can be included in your weight loss diet. Weight Loss
They help in preventing body cells from oxidative damage from free radicals. Antioxidant property

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